Automated and Tax-Compliant Intercompany Service Charging with SAP Standard Software.

Intercompany Service Charging

Are you managing intercompany service transactions with spreadsheets?

Designed specifically for controlling, accounting, and tax experts, EXA Service Cross Charging software provides you with a single-source-of-truth through automation which allows you to flexibly adjust data at every step of the intercompany service charging process.

Get the data transparency you need and transition to an easy-to-use, SAP Fiori-based software that seamlessly integrates with SAP ERP.

Manage Intercompany Service Charging Effectively

Key Features and Highlights:

Full data transparency with end-to-end data integration from all heterogenous ERP sources to the final service charge-out. Due to its connectivity and integrated workflows, EXA SCC will serve as single-source-of-truth for all relevant matters, such as tax audits, internal analysis and TP documentation.

Efficiently manage direct and indirect service charge-outs by defining service products, maintaining service receivers and consumptions as well as allocation keys for both budget and actual data if needed.

Maintain trustworthy data through automated data extraction with a manual upload option from your SAP ERP system. Effortless configuration of all relevant characteristics of service transactions from initial cost base to service charge-out allocation.

Calculate the service provider’s cost base on cost element and posting document level, maintain characteristics like value-add and pass-through and consider additional parameters such as stewardship shares plus applicable mark-ups.

Simulate and review service cross charges and get real-time insights with standard reports that show financial flows of service transactions with detailed information about individually set parameters such as service product, legal entity, mark-ups.

Get real-time insights with standard reports that show financial flows of service transactions and detailed information on charge outs based on individually set parameters such as service product, legal entity, mark-ups, etc.

EXA Service Cross Charging in Action: Key Benefitsfor Stakeholders Across the Enterprise

Tax/TP Departments, Group Accounting, Group Controlling, IT & Business

Corporate Benefits:

  • Reduction of internal and external costs (e.g., for advisors)

  • Reduction of training time due to familiar SAP Fiori interface

  • Reduction of compliance risks

  • Acceleration of IC processes

  • Clean SAP core with EXA SCC as SAP Standard Solution

Operational Benefits:

  • Clear overview with management dashboard 

  • View Status of all processes immediately, incl. calculations

  • End-to-end traceability of service costs charging processes

  • Granular overview of service flows

  • Flexible configuration, allowing regular updates for cost types, mark ups, stewardship

Technical Details of EXA SCC Software

EXA Service Cross Charging is a cutting-edge SAP add-on solution, meticulously designed using SAP ‘s native technology architecture and adhering to clean core guidelines. It is SAP infrastructure agnostic, offering the flexibility to install on your existing SAP on-premise S/4HANA system or on your own SAP BTP platform. Additionally, the solution is available as a SaaS subscription on SAP BTP.

  • User-Friendly Experience: Delivers a seamless and modern user experience using SAP Fiori technology

  • Cross-Browser Support: Compatible with all modern browsers, enabling web-based access 

  • Enhanced Security: Provides a secure operating environment with SAP security controls, including role-based access and authorization 

  • Centralized Data Management: Offers a central system with data historization capabilities, traceability, and an audit-ready solution 

  • Intuitive Data Upload Using File: Supports file-based data uploads using an intuitive interface and pre-defined templates, integrating data collection from both SAP and non-SAP systems

  • Automated Data Extraction: Facilitates automated and intelligent data extraction from SAP ERP source systems

  • Comprehensive Support: Ensures standard software maintenance through a dedicated solution support desk